Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is absolutely under control in Apulia and we expect in the early September an even better situation because of the effect of the warm summer already experienced in the previous years.

Nonetheless, we decided to take a precaution-oriented approach and follow all recommendations to hold a responsible and healthy international event.

1) The conference venue has been selected during the hardest time of the pandemic because it ensures the best conditions in terms of surface and space sanitization and air purification, as well as allowing ample room to accommodate a large number of socially-distanced participants.

2) While in the conference rooms and in common spaces, we kindly request the use of protection masks (FFP2/KN95/N95are suggested).

3) Thanks to the mild Apulian weather, all the social events are organized in wide outdoor spaces, which will allow removing one’s mask to whomever might desire to do so.

4) The use of protection masks is mandatory on public transportation (including the conference shuttle buses.)

5) If you experience COVID symptoms during the conference week, please contact directly the organizing committee staff who will provide a self-test guaranteeing your privacy.

6) In case you may need to seek medical care, please be advised that Italy has free health care and in Bari there are several important structures that are reference for all the region Apulia.

We are really confident that your stay in Bari will be healthy and seamless, but we kindly ask you to be responsible during your trip and in any situation you think may expose you to the risk of contracting COVID.

Like many other countries, Italy has been strongly impacted by the pandemic. While the current situation leaves room for normal life, this came at the price of a great collective effort , and all institutions, including the XII LIBS committee, would like to do everything in their power to support the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.