OD_1 Accurate identification of inflammatory blood based on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with chemometric methods

OD_2 Accuracy enhancement of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy by polarization spectrum fusion

OD_3 Signal enhancement effect in double pulse LIBS with nanosecond and femtosecond laser pulses on silicone rubber

OD_4 Properties of Gamma-ray Irradiated Microchip Laser for LIBS Remote Analysis

OD_5 One-point calibration laser-induced breakdown  spectroscopy for the quantitative analysis of EAST-like plasma-facing materials

OD_6 Capability of liquid microanalysis by surface-enhanced LIBS using porous silicon

OD_7 Trace elemental detection in biological samples using signal enhanced Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Technique

OD_8 A Combination of LIBS and Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry for Elemental Analysis

OD_9 Combination of LIBS with neural network to quantify H content in nuclear reactor components

OD_10 Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy as tools for analysis and discrimination of uric acid and cystine kidney stones

OD_11 Characterization of laser-induced Zn plasma by spatially and temporally resolved LIBS

OD_12 Protocol for the validation of LIBS as an analytical method

OD_13 Multi-element Signal Enhancement Mechanism Investigation for Laser Ablation Assisted Ultraviolet Laser Excited Atomic Fluorescence

OD_14 Absorption lines in underwater LIBS by a single pulse irradiation

OD_15 Early dynamics of laser-induced plasma and cavitation bubble in water

OD_16 Enhancement of LIBS signal in lithium solution at the interface between liquid and an aluminum substrate

OD_17 A metal elements detection method for bulk water in-situ analysis based on Micro-Gas Column assisted module

OD_18 An image auxiliary method for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy analysis of coal particle flow

OD_19 Application of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for the Failure Characteristics Prediction of Heat-resistant Steel

OD_20 Laser focusing implementation in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy via using acoustic signals and plasma images

OD_21 An optimization method based on space confinement for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy detection in particle flow.

OD_22 A numerical investigation on the accuracy of temperature estimation in LIBS at typical physical conditions of laser-produced plasmas

OD_23 Modeling using Recurrent Neural Networks with Interpretable Dataset Design for LIBS Spectrum Classification

OD_24 In situ Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Study for Elemental Analysis on Divertor in EAST Tokamak

OD_25 Experimental and model study of LIBS depth profile for ITER-like multilayer materials

OD_26 Spatio-temporal dynamic characterization of laser-induced plasma of the mixed materials (WCCu) under variable ablation angles in a vacuum


1st DAY

ROOM A 9 - 13

ROOM A 13 - 18

2nd DAY

ROOM A 9- 13

ROOM A 13-18

ROOM B 13-18

3rd DAY

ROOM A 9-13

ROOM A 13-18

ROOM B 13 -18

4th DAY

ROOM A 9-13

ROOM A 13-18

ROOM B 13-18

5th DAY

ROOM A 9-13