LIBS 2022 Regression Contest

The LIBS 2022 quantification contest in now online: Compete with LIBS teams all over the globe and find out how your quantification methodology stands its ground!

Your task is to predict the Cr, Mn, Mo, and Ni content of 15 metal alloys. More information is provided in the README file. The datasets are available here.

The results will be announced at the LIBS 2022 conference in Bari (IT) and communicated with the participants who provide a valid email address. The three best-performing groups will co-author a paper, describing the methodology used and the results obtained. The paper will be published in the Virtual Special Issue that Spectrochimica Acta B will devote to the Conference.

You can submit your predictions by uploading a file here (requires a Google account), by filling out a Google form (or an alternative), or by simply sending them via email to as attachment. The deadline is 23:59:59, August 19, 2022.

Note that you can submit your answer repeatedly. However, only your latest answer will be considered, and you will receive no feedback for preliminary submissions.

Looking forward to your contributions.